LION Token

What is (LION) token?

LION token is an ERC20 token powered by the Ethereum Blockchain. It is a utility token designed to operate inside of the CoinLion trading platform and research portal. In addition to providing free trades within the platform, the token provides benefits and incentives to users who participate in the CoinLion ecosystem.

Symbol: LION

Contract: 0x2167fb82309cf76513e83b25123f8b0559d6b48f

Decimals: 18

Total Supply: 159,698,831

Circulating Supply: 79,849,416

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LION Token has multiple use cases within the CoinLion Ecosystem


Track and duplicate portfolios

Free trades in LION trading pairs

Discounted trading when holding LION

Create and manage multiple portfolios with the Portfolio Management Tool

Access research & analytics within the CoinLion Library

Advertise portfolios and promote your content on CoinLion and other platforms


Allow users to track & duplicate your portfolios

Create and share content related to the management of cryptocurrencies

Create and share research

Create and share strategies with other users

Earn LION token for being a top performer or researcher

Create research for the CoinLion Library


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