CoinLion | Listing Due Diligence

CoinLion deploys a due diligence process to the evaluation and prioritization of digital assets considered for listing on the CoinLion Trading Platform. CoinLion’s compliance team applies information gathered from multiple sources both quantitatively and qualitatively to listed assets.

Coin Lion, LLC does not and will not facilitate the trade of cryptocurrencies that have been or will be deemed securities in accordance with the Securities Act of 1933. Coin Lion, LLC’s legal team analyzes each cryptocurrency prior to offering and relies upon up to date best business practices and information provided U.S. regulatory bodies to classify cryptocurrency.

Qualitative Factors Considered*

To what extent is the project established within the crypto ecosystem?

Does the project’s mission align with CoinLion’s mission of contributing to the growth of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology?

Is the project utilizing blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in a meaningful manner?

Is there enough documentation and significant information related to the project?

Does the project provide information in the form of regular updates and communication with the community?

Is the project’s community or team transparent and willing to communicate?

What is the history of the project and where is the project in its relevant lifecycle?

Does the team have relevant experience?

Can the team be verified?

Has the technology being used been verified or audited by a third party?

Quantitative factors Considered*

Trading volume

Number of exchanges currently listed on

Community members

Community engagement

Token supply

Token creation and control

Token holders or wallet addresses

*Coin Lion, LLC looks at an array of qualitative and quantitative factors. Qualitative factors look at all aspects that are related to quality or considered fundamental to the cryptocurrency. Quantitative factors are factors that can quantified with a numerical value. The above list of factors is not an exhaustive list, and Coin Lion, LLC reserves the right to deny listing or to delist any cryptocurrency at anytime without cause.