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Crypto trading happens 24/7 and is often volatile. We’ve created tools to turn this into your advantage. Trading strategies on CoinLion® work all day, every day and use a number of different market signals and goals. You’ll sleep soundly knowing you’re missing fewer chances to buy or sell.

Take the emotion out of trading

What Goes Into Trading Strategies

Create or choose automatic trading strategies on CoinLion® with just a few taps. The strategies you subscribe to, or create, use a number of different “rules”. How much are you going to put toward a particular strategy? Are you wanting to be more aggressive, or conservative? The choice is yours. You can even choose one strategy, or many. Check out a few of the rules that can be used in strategies below.

Here are a few of the rules that can be used in strategies
Various Market Signals (RSI, Stochastic, etc.)
Currency Pairs
Buy and Sell Signals (with pause and resume indicators)
Profit Targets
Stop Losses (max loss)
Max Open Positions Per Strategy

Small Profits… Again and Again

Here a little. There a little.

The CoinLion Auto-Trader allows you to take small profits at a time… over and over again. Small profits, taken often, create large gains over time. And while this is great in a bull market, it especially shines in a “sideways” market where ups and downs are smaller, but frequent.

Account Size and Risk Tolerance

As cryptocurrency builds acceptance, we’d consider all crypto trading strategies a little aggressive, even “conservative” ones. But that’s why you’re here — you’re willing to take some risk. Here are some common differences between conservative, moderate, and aggressive strategies, and how your account size may impact what’s traded.

Conservative Strategies View Details

Conservative Strategies Often…

→ Have lower take profits, meaning trades close quicker
→ Leave more USD on the sidelines, rather than opening positions
→ Have higher number of max positions, which leads to smaller trade sizes
→ Use longer cooldowns, which means it will wait longer between orders
→ Looks at conservative market indicator values that trigger buys

Moderate Strategies View Details

Moderate Strategies Often…

→ Take profits, set between our conservative and aggressive models
→ Leave less USD on the sidelines, and opens more positions
→ Open more positions than conservative models, but less than aggressive models
→ Have shorter cooldowns (wait times between orders) than conservative strategies
→ Use moderate market indicator values that trigger buys

Aggressive Strategies View Details

Aggressive Strategies Often…

→ Have higher take profit goals
→ Leave very little USD on the sidelines and puts most of your cash “to work”
→ Have fewer max positions, leading to larger position sizes
→ Use shorter cooldowns (wait times between orders)
→ Use aggressive market indicator values that trigger buys

Account Size View Details

Account Size Impact

Big or small, there’s a strategy for that.

As your account size grows, the flexibility in what your trading strategies can do grows as well. You’ll be able to open a mix of large and small positions, trade higher valued coins, and open more positions overall. This gives you more chances to buy and sell at different price points.

CoinLion Auto-Trader

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