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Don’t know what
crypto to buy?

Copy expert
crypto traders.

Experienced traders know when to get in, and out, of a market. They only trade mainstream tokens, include downside protection, and get out before a run to zero. You can copy these expert crypto traders on CoinLion in a few clicks.

1-to-1 Ratio

Your funds are always available since we keep a 1-to-1 ratio of user assets.

Your Crypto

Your crypto is your crypto and isn’t used for anything but your trades.

Secured Transactions

Your account is secured with advanced features like live-selfie verification.

Simple Trading

Crypto trading so simple, anyone can do it.


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The easiest way to trade crypto.

You’ve heard of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, you’re intrigued, but you have no idea where to start. CoinLion makes it easy to enter the world of cryptocurrency while capturing the upside of trading it.
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Get in (and out) at the right times.

CoinLion’s automated trading strategies are always working, 24/7. The platform watches the market movement then makes buys and sells that help you spread out your risk and miss fewer chances to enter or exit the market. This ensures you won’t get stuck holding a whole bag.

  • 530,000+ Trades Opened & CLOSED
  • $1 BILLION+ Traded In Usd

Copy best-performing crypto traders.

Trading crypto can be difficult. But copying someone else’s trades on CoinLion is easy. Subscribe to different traders and you’ll make trades based on their trading strategies.

And for traders that make their strategies public in the marketplace, they’ll be rewarded with CoinLion Token for every subscriber they gain.

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Create your own automated trading strategies.

Our No-Code Strategy Builder means no confusing API connections or computer language to learn. With a few clicks, leverage market signals like EMA, Stochastic, MACD, and RSI to make buys and sells automatically.

  • U.S. BASED EXCHANGE Secure crypto transactions.
  • AUTO-TRADER Trade crypto automatically.
  • COPYCAT TRADING Follow expert strategies.

Let’s trade crypto together.

We were all newcomers at one point. Our goal is to build a place where first-timers and experienced traders can work together to achieve their crypto goals.

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