Stupid Simple Crypto Trading

Automated crypto trading for real people (that have no idea what they’re doing).

The easiest way to trade crypto.

You’ve heard of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, you’re intrigued, but you have no idea where to start. CoinLion® makes it easy to enter the world of cryptocurrency while capturing the upside of trading it.
  • $4,000,000+ PROFITS GENERATED
  • 410,000+ Trades Opened & CLOSED
  • $950,000,000+ Traded In Usd

Low, simple, flat trading fees.

Like all things CoinLion®, our fees are simple, too. There’s a 0.11% fee on all trades. That’s it.

Actually, if you use our CoinLion Token Balancer™, they’re effectively even lower.

It’s easy because it’s all in one place.

Do you know what an API trading bot is? Don’t worry about it, you shouldn’t have to. By combining a U.S.-based exchange, with an auto-trader, with copy trading, and our own token, we’re making crypto trading available to the masses.

AI-Driven Auto-Trader View Details

AI-Driven Auto-Trader

Did you know there are no market open or close times for trading crypto? Our auto-trader, with built-in AI and machine learning, looks for key market signals every second of the day so you can open positions and take profits whenever the time is right.

Copycat Trading™ View Details

Copycat Trading™

We not only accept copycats, we encourage them. This is auto-trading with a human’s touch. With a few taps, you will make the same trades the pros are making. Not every one can be a lion, but you can pretend to be with Copycat Trading.

CoinLion Token Balancer™ View Details

CoinLion Token Balancer™

Earn balance credit. Oh, what’s it do? Turning on the CoinLion Token Balancer adds LION into your trading mix. By turning this on, you’ll also earn balance credit… effectively reducing your trading fees.

Text / SMS Updates View Details

Text / SMS Updates

Skip logging in just to see how your trades are doing. We’ll text you performance updates using natural language to summarize what your account did last week.

Simple works for pros, too.

CoinLion Strategy Builder™

Choose your trading pairs, signals to watch, and the triggers you want to use. Our strategy builder allows you to create automated trading strategies that work for your goals and risk tolerance.

CopyCat Publisher™

Copycat Publishers earn CoinLion Tokens® (LION) from each subscriber. Once you’re confident with your strategies, you can publish those to the Copycat library. Copycats will then choose which publishers they want to follow based on criteria that’s right for them.

Can your grandma use it? We sure hope so!

Our goal is to make trading cryptocurrency so easy that anyone who wants to trade, can.

Start Auto-Trading Crypto

Trading crypto has never been easier. Create your account, follow someone else’s trading strategies, then watch the platform trade crypto for you. Fill out the form to get started. Happy trading!