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CoinLion Rewards

Get more out of LION.

The CoinLion Token (LION) gives you perks and more utility on our platform. From discounted trading fees to earning you and your friends free LION, crypto trading is more rewarding with CoinLion Rewards.

LION, Discounts, and Voting
Oh My!

CoinLion Rewards gives you a number of ways to utilize LION on the platform. You can earn free LION, discounted trading fees, and voting privledges on what to do with LION next.

Referral Program View Details

Tell your friends. Get LION.

As your referred friends use the platform, both you and them will receive increasing rewards. Earn up to 900 LION for each new user you refer and up to 33,000 LION if that user becomes a popular CoinLion trader on the CopyCat Marketplace.

HODL Rewards View Details

It’s not staking. It’s better.

HODL Rewards is like staking, but without the risk. When you HODL LION, you’re never at risk of losing that LION. You get increasing rewards by locking in higher percentages of your LION balance for longer periods of time. 6, 12, and 18-month HODL periods are available.

Publisher Rewards View Details

Publish your trading strategies.

CoinLion users rely on good trading strategies to CopyCat. That’s why we handsomely reward successful strategy publishers. The more successful your published trading strategies make the community, the more rewards you’ll get.

Trading Fee Discounts View Details

Get up to 80% off trading fees.

The more you utilize LION on the platform, the cheaper your trading will become. When maxed out, you’ll get an 80% discount on all trading fees.

Your Voice Matters

Decide What We Do Next

LION holders help decide how LION rewards work. And those that are most invested in the CoinLion project get the most voting rights. This means the more LION you HODL and use, the more power your vote has to decide the reward metrics.

CoinLion Executives & Founders Excluded From All Rewards

Too often, executives and founders design rewards with their own interests in mind, rather than letting the community and markets control what happens.

CoinLion executives, founders, and any employee/contractor with more than 100,000 LION CANNOT participate in any of the rewards and are required to HODL their LION. They can also never sell more than 10% of their LION in any given year.

Start auto-trading

Start Earning Rewards

Create your account to start earning rewards. With CoinLion, you don’t need to worry about what tokens to trade, when to buy or sell,  or having no down-side protection. Simply follow someone else’s trading strategies, then watch the platform trade crypto for you.

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